Living In Presence

You Help Make It Happen!

Volunteers are needed and so appreciated to help the groups run smoothly. Especially, if you don't have much money to offer, consider helping out with your time.

PRESENCE HOLDERS: This is not a trade-for-contribution situation, but a way anyone can help the groups be stronger and deeper. Whenever you can, hold the whole group within loving presence. If a participant is having difficulty, go into presence and hold group Presence without sending energy directly to them. We don't impose our agenda on them. Sometimes suffering is what is what will lead someone to realization, but we can hold them in a supportive "non-specific outcome" energy. If Valerie is working with someone, hold them both in presence and the wish that what is for the highest good, love and illumination happens.

Room Setup: (20 mins) We put out back jacks into a big circle and also put sitting chairs on the end of the circle.  If we get a large crowd we'll need people to guide participants to form a second circle.

GREETERS: (30 mins or at will jump in and help) People to hang out and warmly greet arrivals and direct them to the bathroom and where to sit are very helpful. It can turn in to a lot of fun. Sometimes we've had a hug-line so when someone arrives they get a line of hugs from greeters and other participants before the workshop begins. 

Of course, we ask that volunteers are very sensitive to people's needs and only offer in a light way, so if someone doesn't want contact, it is easy for them to decline. Especially if the person is of the opposite sex, be careful to not flirt or put out sexual energy. Keep your energy in the heart area or higher up, to put out the cleanest energy.

About 30 minutes before the start time, we hold a little blessing circle to wish that all who come receive what is perfect for their realization. We treat everyone with respect and it's wonderful if you authentically feel like it to send them love when they arrive and when you pass people during the workshop. Hold in your being the wish for their end of suffering and that they experience the truth of who they are.

CLEAN-UP: (15-25 mins) We try to have participants put away their back jacks and chairs and need someone to guide people. We can use help with people taking out trash, vacumming the parts of the carpet with stuff on it (which means you don't have to vacuum the whole carpet).

REGISTRATION HELP: (30 mins) Someone to help stand by the donation box and get change for people out of the box.  Point out the clipboard for them to add their contact info if they want to be notified about future gatherings.