I had a pack-and-a-half day habit for 11 years and tried to quit smoking over 1,000 times.  Below are the things that helped me quit.

1) I got really angry that the tobacco company was extorting my hard earned money for them to poison me!.  Every time I felt an urge, I got angry and said, "no way am I going to be your chump any more!"

2) I saw how much cigarettes controlled my life.  I wouldn't go to certain places or do things if I couldn't smoke.  I also realized I avoided events where non-smokers might give me those disapproving looks.

3) I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to be a non-smoker and I would read it when I had an urge.

4) I knew that every time I could resist an urge, I was stacking up a victory that would help get stronger to resist future urges.  I pictured an urge like a wave going over me, knowing it would pass.  I stayed in the present moment only dealing with one urge at a time.  I didn't let myself worry about what I would do in a future moment, like at a dinner with friends and not having my cigarettes with me

How I Quit Smoking