​​This is an exploration into what we have always been underneath the thoughts and emotions that keep us imprisoned in a virtual-reality world. It is relaxing into the amazing grace and power of our innate being. Living in Presence is for you who are ready to come home to the truth that you have always been.

Each of us has a template inside of what will bring us true happiness. Not that imposter of happiness that finds us eating a box of cookies or buying another unnecessary thing to quell the uneasiness, but the kind of happiness that comes from living in the wholeness and the truth of our being.

The presence group is about getting underneath the collective broadcast to enter the world of presence. This world has been waiting for us to join it and become creative partners with it. ​

The presence groups hold it all from our Sagehood to our most lost self. We gently hold pain and illusion until it merges into the joy and freedom of natural being. While our focus isn't on manifesting something external to make us happy, paradoxically, manifesting does happen. The more we enter into that communion, the more ITS love and grace shows up in our world.

I feel that when enough groups are working with Presence that we will be able to close the hole in the ozone and stop forest fires and floods. Presence will guide us and bring us into wholeness and balance with all other beings and nature.

Let us support each other to live in what gives us True Life and to be the gifts of Presence to the world.
​  Valerie

Message  from Valerie

​​Thank you for coming to this website. It takes love and courage to answer a call that can be contrary to how we were taught good people should live. Many people are lost in constant activity, electronics and entertainment; often afraid to have a true meeting with self and each other. Many of us were conditioned to exist on the surface of life. This can make it hard to hear our own heart and live what is true. 

​While survival instinct was necessary to establish life on this planet, it is now what is destroying the planet and the emotional and physical well-being of humans. This is the way evolution works. An imperative that was necessary for survival in one era will be the death of a species if it doesn’t answer the call of the next stage of evolution.

I feel the next stage is asking us to live from our heart and a direct relationship with nature, Presence and higher intelligence. That intelligence that grew us in the womb knows better than our finite minds about how to be truly happy.  It can be very hard to hear this truth, as the forces that want us to dally in their distractions are very seductive.

Years ago, Presence let me know that it is waiting until people are ready to partner with it. It gave me a template of how we can clear our pain, uplift our lives, our cities and our world. It has inventions to share and ideas on how we can uplift our relationships, workplaces, schools, and government. What is beautiful about this template is that people can be any religion or be atheists. This work is about each person connecting directly with truth for themselves in their own way. It is a hair-raising experience to be so in tune with Spirit, you can feel which mouth it it is going to speak from. It is so soul-nourishing to experience so much love, wisdom, peace and realness.

Most of our suffering comes from believing that our thoughts about ourselves, others and life are true. We are not enough in some way, be it our appearance, social standing or our level of success. So we are taught to work really hard on ourselves and buy products which authorities and advertisers say will make us feel worthy and happy. When you scratch below the surface, most people are tortured by self-criticalness, judgment and anxiety. The ranks of people on mood medication are swelling as a testament that we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

From infancy, we were taught to sever our awareness from our innate being. Many children turn away from what they know is true to stop their parent's distress. Later in life, whenever they come close to their true self, their internal recorder plays generations of guilt, fear and shame. They were taught that these internal recordings kept them from doing something bad. But what if those recordings keep them imprisoned and locked away from true life and real happiness?

Who are we other than beliefs, conditioning and what others have told us about ourselves? What happens if we let our true nature run our life? What is it like to relate with other people from the fullness of our authentic being?

Imagine if you were in a group that supported you to live as your true nature. Imagine that when this group focused presence on emotional or physical pain, disease or life situations, that profound changes happened.

A man who couldn't find a job for six months found a job a few days after the group focused on him.  I saw a man with deformed legs who never walked six or seven blocks without a lot of pain, walk a mile with our group with no pain.  He was also normally very cold, but on a chilly night, he wasn't cold at all.  As we all walked home, we were in awe of the power of working with Presence.

A woman complained angrily that her husband asked for a divorce. She said, "We still love each other, there's no way I'm giving him a divorce." After the group held her in Presence, she burst out laughing. She said, "Oh my Lord, I can't believe it, my husband was right! We haven't been in love for many years. God bless him for being the one to call it. I'm going home and give him a great big hug!"

​​Usually, how we handle emotions causes long drawn out pain and ragged tears in our being.  However, when we meet the pain directly holding it in presence, it is like a sharp surgical knife moving thru cleanly that leaves smooth edges that heal quickly. This comes with a much higher understanding of our situation than what we can ever reach through normal thinking processes.

Once after a group, we went out to eat. As we were leaving, I was told the waiter asked to speak to me. He said, "You are the best table I have ever waited on, there was so much love!" As we walked out into the night, I felt awe at how a group being in tune with Presence, can have such a wonderful impact.

​What happens if we hold the conditioning we’ve received, which is basically “survival fear” in all its guises, within a strong field of group presence? Survival fear is getting stressed at other drivers, or feeling anxious if we are late, or think that our mate or boss is unhappy with us. How many thoughts a day do you have about how you or other people are wrong? How does it feel to carry the emotions that ride along with those thoughts?

It's important to realize those thoughts aren't yours and there is nothing wrong with you that they happen. They are just the recorder replaying all the messages of your ancestors. So try to let go of feeling wrong or guilty for having those thoughts. Guilt just keeps the adaptive self alive and distracts you from going deep enough to experience the truth of who you are.

You aren’t your story of being good or bad, nor are you your life-circumstance. If you want to stop identifying with thought, put your focus on that which is the same about you as when you were a child. Turn inward to feel that same ageless awareness or sense of "you" that hasn't changed from your earliest memory until now.
Just turn around inside so-to-speak and feel the energy of you." You are not the thinker. You are the radiant awareness that your body, thoughts and feelings float within.

This group is for intrepid explorers who want to look behind the curtain of constant projection to see reality as it is. It is for people who want to see if focused presence can help heal illness and make life-situations more harmonious. It is for those who are curious if holding Presence for our friends, neighbors, leaders and countries, help make our world more peaceful and loving.