• Have I ever done something that almost caused an accident or endangered other drivers? 

  • Is arriving somewhere five minutes earlier worth having hateful rage in my heart toward this person?

  •  Is this really who I want to be?

  •  Who is pushing me to rush myself and others?  (Also try, “What is pushing me.”)

  •  How much difference will it really make if I am 5 minutes later.

  • Could I use this time in a better way? (Perhaps by focusing on the love in my heart or counting my blessings, or feeling into who I Truly am or want to be.)

How To Help The World and Ourselves

Take a moment to think of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, JFK, Mother Teresa, or your own personal heroes.  Think of people who held the highest ideal of how to treat others.  To this day, what they stood for is a continual uplifting force in our human collective.  Each time one of us chooses a higher vibration or course of action it helps the world.  

Each of us carries the emotional energy and patterns of our ancestors.  We are also influenced by the collective energy in our workplaces, community and the world.  Often our mood and state of mind can change dramatically by interacting with just one other person.  Whenever one of us chooses a higher emotion over reactivity, it helps the collective.  

The best places to rewire these patterns is to work with the irritation or rage that comes up while driving, standing in line or in any scenario where our ego gets triggered. 

For instance, when both lanes of a highway are going slow and I can’t get around the slow drivers, I often experience an unreasonable rage.  If I express that rage or ride someone’s bumper, I’m continuing to perpetuate the violence of that energy.  None of us are a bad for doing this, we are just victims of our conditioning.  So it is important to not indulge in condemning ourselves or others for our behavior, as this just puts more pollution into the collective.  It is very helpful to be compassionate and understanding when we act out this ancient wiring. 

Very recently, I experienced myself giving a horrific look to another driver, condemning them in their stupidity.  This is not how I want to treat others. 

So, I remind myself that there have been times that my driving was hazardous.  It was not my intention to cut someone off or be rude to them.  I remember that we all make mistakes and other drivers don’t deserve my negative energy.  Whenever we can find the ability to uplevel our reactions, this puts a drop of goodness into the collective soup. 

Sometimes, it helps to offer up this feeling to Spirit as something I’m willing to sacrifice in order to be at peace.

Often, stating questions like those below to pull me out of my insanity:

So, whenever you can choose to not give in to reactivity and are able to mindfully hold a reaction until it dispels or transforms into compassion, peace or love, you are injecting a higher vibration into the collective. 

Just a few minutes of your time can ripple out and change the lives of your loved ones and the people you come in contact with.  You can spread a positive virus into the collective!  Each of us has the power to help our world be a little more kind, sane, peaceful, and loving.  So go forth and enjoy waving your magic wand and knowing that you can make a positive difference!

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