Gonna Make Love The Bottom Line                                                                            

​I was feeling down about how many corporations had a bottom line of making a huge profit no matter how much it hurt their workers or our earth.  But my spirits lifted as I saw people in our community helping others who were sick or who had been in accidents.  People held fund raisers, bought them food and cleaned their homes. It gave me hope that maybe we, the people, will invite the politicians and the CEO’s into a world where the bottom line is love.

I'd never made a video before and only had 5 days to make it and clean up and use whatever pictures I found on the net.

It's a home recording, if the vocals aren't very loud, please listen thru computer speakers. (sounds bad on phones).  
The song is only 3:15 mins and the rest is philosophizing on life and thank you to some everyday heroes I know.     

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​Thank you!

Gonna Let Love Be The Bottom Line

I’ve been looking all my life
for the right thing to show up
what if it’s been here all along
inside of my own cup  

Physics says the observer changes what’s observed, wow! 
could that be true?
that love and happiness is an inside job
and not something I gotta get from you

I can’t change
other People 
But I can change
what lives inside of me


So, I’m gonna let love be the bottom line
in this life of mine
not let the newspapers, government or corporations
tell me otherwise

I’m gonna open up and show up for
the love that’s in my life
when I open my eyes I realize
it’s been here all the time   

Oh I was waiting for the world to change
so I could be at peace
now I know nothing has to re-arrange
for me to be free 

love's funny thing we're all looking for
yet its always here
inside your heart is an open door
​where love shines so clear