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​What Happens In A Session

Within the first one to two sessions, most people have a profound and direct realization of their true Self.

Clients often express amazement at what happens in just one session. Much of the work is energetic and starts before the actual session and continues after the session is over.

Clients learn how to shift from obsessing on problems and decisions, into living from a clear knowing of what is right for them. They learn how to transform painful emotions, harmful habits, illness and hard life situations with presence so they are happier and more at peace.

What seems like a huge problem can resolve easily in the light of the true Self's wisdom. Here is what some clients have shared:

​I have been to a dozen different psychologists and therapists and none of them come close to your insight and power. I am stunned by how good you are and how safe your hands make me feel. I have finally found a real healer. You are a shawoman whose gifts are needed by the world. - Ed Eckley, CO

In one session you helped me change my whole framework of who I am and what I am here for. It was your trusting and confident heart and loving, supportive energy that made the difference. - Janet Macha, OR

I did not believe in love or magic until you walked into my life. - Debra Berger, CA

Valerie is amazing! She has powerfully synthesized so many healing modalities. She has been a gifted healer in my life. - Joy Freeman, PH.d, Therapist, CO

Wow, 30 years with the highest meditation teachers and it didn't result in the realization I experienced in one session with you! It's wonderful to feel what is true and how to proceed in my life without weeks of agonizing! How can I ever thank you?” - Michael, CO

After our session, I lost 9 pounds in a week, without dieting or trying, but just from all the junk you helped me release!" - Kay, HI

​Three months and I am still free from the fear that plagued me. Thank you! " - Rob, AZ

​Thank you for helping me touch the part of me that is most real. It is incredible beyond words." - Lowell, Oregon

  Sessions in Presence

Health Issues

I have had great success helping lots of people stop being in pain and reverse disease through diet.  It does involve a period of not eating the foods you most love.  My mom was in a wheelchair with arthritis.  I started getting bad joint pain in my 30's and now I am mostly pain free.  I helped a 84 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis go from being in a wheel chair to spryly walking in just five weeks.  I believe fibromyalgia, ALS and other debilitating diseases can be turned around with diet changes.  Most people notice improvements within 2 to 10 days.

​Clearing Negative Entities 

Negative energy and entities can hang around us.  

One woman was a co-worker who said right before her period she would feel a dark energy descend on her and she would be sick and weak during her monthly cycle.  As I worked on her, I felt the presence of a female presence who was jealous of the woman's ability to be fertile.  We cleared the entity and the co-worker told me she felt strange, not like herself.  The next day, she said she was so happy and light.  The next time she had her monthly cycle, she called me to tell me she did her yoga and biked for 30 miles and was full of energy.  She couldn't believe the change and it continued to be the case during her cycles.

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Clients report connecting with the love they are or experience themselves as peace, freedom, awareness, light, or experience union with their higher self, the universe, allness or God. People are amazed that they can feel without a doubt what is true and right for them. People leave the session loving themselves more and giving themselves a break from unrealistic expectations and hurtful self-judgments. 

Most people suffer from feeling self-dislike or that they are not good enough. Parents and teachers tried to help us be good people by teaching us to feel bad when we did something wrong. A lot of suffering comes from believing the thoughts, emotions and judgments that were implanted into us. Most of us were never taught how to be with emotion in a way that frees it.

It is critical to have others to hold a space of unconditional love and presence so we can experience the truth of who we are.

Often what happens in session isn't what a client expects. For instance one client was sad because a woman didn't return his love and wanted me to help him "get her." After the session, when I asked him about the sadness, he said “wow, it’s gone, I feel great! I found love inside of myself that I was trying to get from her. It's amazing but I don't feel longing for her any more.”

Another client had a tumor growing in their mouth. In the session, they connected with the rage they had been repressing toward their boss. The client later told me, "You saved my life! Thanks to you I am so happy in my new job and I believe the work with you made the tumor go away."

When people have true meeting inside of themselves, many issues fall away.

I work with habits, patterns, addictions and work, family and romantic relationship issues. Clients move from conflict and unhealthy compromise into relationships that support genuine happiness. They learn to stop thoughts and emotions from being painful tyrants in their life and live more from the wholeness and truth of their essence.

Experience The joy of Connecting with Your True Self

Support with spiritual emergence, lifework, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, habits and emotions and life decisions. Also, relationship and couples work.

I also do house clearings and healings with animals.

I also cured myself of crippling joint pain and help others restore their health through dietary changes.

Contact Info

E-mail me from the contact page for more information about phone and in-person sessions. Please send your phone number if you would like a free 15 minute consultation.

Time-frame and Payment

If you need your session to end at a certain time, please let me know. Otherwise, sessions run around 60 minutes, but can be as long as 90 minutes.

I don't not charge by the hour, nor do sessions end abruptly according to the clock. The session ends when you are in a good place and at natural closure.

Payment by cash (preferred) or check is due at the end of the session. Sliding Scale of $60 to $250 per session, with the lower end reserved for those in hardship. This work supports you to live from what is true and the payment process is an opportunity to practice. Before you pay for each session, please feel into your heart or higher self and ask "What is the right amount to pay Valerie?" Then honor what feels true. The more others can pay, the more it helps me be able to work with those in hardship. I don't take insurance and I am not a licensed counselor.