The Secret to Happiness shares how to recognize and circumvent the biggest destroyers of happiness.

​The Way to Freedom
has pointers on how to support yourself to live in the truth of who you are.  
There is another way to live.  It is living from the truth, love and joy of our true nature ​ while being connected with life in an ecstatic and incredible communion.

From Funk to Freedom has powerful and easy practices, developed from working with people for over 30 years which helps people quickly move from funk to freedom.  

From Fairy Tales into Real Love is how to go beyond "love deals," compromise and roles into relationships that support you be true to yourself. It is possible to be open with your partner about your wants. The article also speaks about being awake to what brings you lasting happiness and if you expect your partner to make you happy, disappointment will soon follow.

How to have Happy Relationships is based in part on Harville Hendrix's cutting edge imago work. The article covers why we are attracted to someone, how to work together to heal conditioning, how to date in a sane way and how to work with conflict and getting authentic needs met.

Take Back Your Life is how to get away from the "doing sickness" and bring more spaciousness, sanity and presence into your life.

How to Help the World has tips on how to rewire road rage, time urgency and other personal and collective energy so it ripples out to lift up the collective.

How I Quit Smoking.  I had an 11 year pack a day habit and tried to literally quit over 1,000 times.  This article shows how I finally quit for good 30 years ago.

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