• How does Presence want to express thorough us? 
  • How can we ease human suffering and bring more love and peace into our worlds? 
  • ​What ways of interacting with others are longing to be experienced?
  • ​How can we create ways of socializing that nourish and enliven us and help us live authentically?
  • ​What healing modalities, inventions and humanitarian projects want to be birthed through us?
  • What information or transmission does greater intelligence want to communicate?
"Thank you with all my heart for being a champion of us hearing One's wisdom. Your vision of how simple it is to bring about such love and Presence is very inspiring."

"Obsessed with my to do list, I was going to leave.  Then someone's gaze caught mine ​and my spirit lifted as the whole room lit up. This is what I needed, I'll be back!"

In This Love that we are,

​                      Valerie

Suggested qualities for participants

  • A strong desire to meet reality directly, deeper than the intellectual center, personal agendas, conditioning, and beliefs to see what is true in each moment.
  • Ability to be present and put aside outer life.
  • A desire to be compassionate with your own and others' ego-reactions.
  • Willingness to participate even when feeling self-critical, sad, angry, or other negative feelings.
  • Deep commitment to want to know the truth of your being and give support to others' realization. 
  • Ability to turn off phone for duration of group.

​​​​​​​Level 3 - Partnering with Presence

Learning to ascertain the truth about life situations, right action, and being expressions of wisdom and love.  Presence focusings for group members, the earth and world situations. Working and co-creating with the Divine for the good of ourselves, nature and all beings.

Sometimes, we sit in presence with no agenda. We become one large "ear" listening to innate intelligence which may express through members in words, song, sounds, images or non-verbal transmission.  It is so powerful to hear people share what they receive in this direct communion. We may drop in spiritual or life questions and hear Presence answer through the members of the group.

On occasion, we hold a local or global crisis. A lot of people in Boulder prayed for rain during the 4-mile Canyon fire and it rained 2 hours later.  It could have been a coincidence, but it is a wonderful exploration to see if focusing helps situations and people come into a greater expression of wholeness, harmony and balance.  If enough groups focus together, might we be able to stop floods, wars, fires and clean up our waters? There are a lot of scientific reports about how crime reduced greatly in cities where large numbers of meditators were brought in. (See link below)

There are times that fire is necessary to restore ecological balance. Sometimes, a war is necessary to further human evolution. It is almost impossible for humans to see the big picture and what is for the highest good.  So, it is imperative to do this work under the guidance of Presence and only if Presence clearly indicates it is for the highest good. It is important that a group can open beyond their personal beliefs and desires to hear the guidance of Higher Intelligence. 

Please e-mail me if you want to be notified about presence groups (see details at Presence Groups tab) or if you have home to offer for a weekly, bi-monthly, day-long, or weekend gatherings.

In the past, the attendance of each group grew by 40%. I felt overwhelmed with the growth. This time, I'd like to start with a closed group of people who want to go deep and then later, offer public groups.  If you can help with any of the needs below, please let me know.

  • A quiet space for 15+ people to sit in a circle.
  • People who have a strong interest in exploring group presence who are available to meet two times a month.
  • Help with PR, logistics, setup or running sound and music.
  • Help greeting attendees and setup and cleanup.
  • Advice on better website editor or creation of Word Press site so spacing of images is consistent across all browsers. 

"My feeling of separation dissolved and for days
​I felt a oneness with people wherever I went."

          Living In Presence

​​Level 1 - Establishing Presence

Establishing strong group Presence that supports each of us to live more fully as our true nature and in greater harmony with life.

Level 2 - Healing with Presence

Working with conditioning.  Holding Presence for individual and collective clearing; working with physical and emotional pain (fear, self hate/judgment, stress over money and time, etc.). The group holds individual life situations like divorce, death, or income and work situations within group presence.  A man who had been unemployed for 6 months, found a job within days of the group holding him in presence.

One participant was grieving as her husband asked her for a divorce.  She told the group, “My husband is wrong, our relationship isn’t over.”  She held that situation while the group held her.  After about 5 minutes, she burst out laughing.  She said, “Oh my God, my husband is right, our relationship has been over for years!  God bless him for being the one to call it.  I’m going to go home and give him a great big hug!”

One man contacted me four months after a group to share that he was still completely free of fear since the group held him.

Because the person is held deeply in presence and bypasses normal thinking, they directly receive the clear truth about their situation. Sometimes other members may receive information to share with that person.

Sometimes, we work with collective themes like: 

The Power of Presence

Einstein said we use about 10 percent of our brains. What if the other 90% attuned with Presence in a loving group can dramatically alter our lives and outer reality?  What if the power has been with us all along and we just have to go deeper than the incessant thought-stream we all live in.  Einstein said he got his ideas from being still and listening to "innate intelligence."  

Can working with the Universal field of intelligence help us live in paradise on earth?   I can't tell you exactly what will happen, because Truth and Love have a life of their own.  I do know many people report a direct realization of their true nature and having some of the highest and sweetest connections with others that they have ever known.
  • Anger or anxiety that comes up while driving, waiting in line or being late
  • Territorial, competitive and self-loathing and inferiority/superiority patterns
  • Addictions (food, shopping, sex, TV, etc.)
  • Eons of conditioning to be afraid to live as our true self

You are supported to live in your heart and true knowing.  We also work with the fear of living in our true nature.

"I want to thank you for the greatest and most fantastic out-of-this world experience of my life!" - Attendee

​This is a call of the heart to you who want to live as love and peace

Working with Presence

We work with Presence to release conditioning and to be clearer reflections of wholeness. The group holds it all, from the pain of how off-track humanity seems to be with the realization that paradise can be found here in this moment now.  A big part of this work is meeting things just as they are and letting truth reveal itself.  Other times, we focus presence to clear individual and collective situations. There may be nurturing touch to help the body feel safe to come home and embody true nature. We meet in ways that make spirits come alive and nourish body, Spirit and soul. The moment may be expressed in dance or a group-song creation springing deep from the heart of realization.  (See the graph at the bottom with the four main focus areas.)   

We also explore such topics as:​

More Resources​​

For help working with negative emotions, see Presence group page, items: 11, 12 and 13.

Under the About  tab see articles on The Way to Freedom (living from what is true for you), or Take Back Your Life (for folks who are too busy) and articles about having good relationships.   See the Articles tab for a description of each article. 
See the About, Recommended Resources tab for additional resources. 

More Information

See more info about the reduction in crime in Washington when 4,000 meditators were brought to the city at: http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/washington_crime_study.html

To learn more about what happens in the group, read items 4,5,6, 9 and 10 under Presence Groups. If you are attending a group, please read the whole page which includes directions and details about what to bring. If you are attending a group, please also read Happy Eye Gazing.  Most groups will be held in or near Boulder, Colorado.

For questions not answered on this website, you can e-mail Valerie (see contact tab).

Events are offered on a donation basis.  Because no one is turned away for lack of money, please pay the most you feel good about to help those in hardship be able to attend and to also support these groups to continue.  If you can't pay the minimum sliding scale amount, please offer time. Volunteers are appreciated. E-mail Valerie in advance to offer easy help at the gathering.  Go to Presence Groups menu and select Volunteer Help  link for details.

To learn more, read my article, The Way to Freedom and articles on relationships and Take Back Your Life Back (about slowing down) which have been published in magazines. (Go to About and see the Articles tab for a synopsis.)  For info on private sessions, click Private Sessions.  

Suggested reading is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (eckhartolle.com); Loving What Is by Byron Katie (thework.com; and There is Nothing Wrong with You and other books by Cherie Huber (cherihuber.com).